Discover the new videos we have created to preview some of the new design products that will become part of the Wave 2020 collection.


Clover is the new table that has been included in the Wave collection. The structure of the base is made of wooden strips arranged in a triple wave resembling the three leaves of a clover, hence its name. The circular top, which will also be available in innovative new pink and green stoneware finishes give the table a touch of modern, trendy colour.


This bookcase with six round-edged stoneware shelves resting on two columns fitted to each side is solid, resistant and impressive like a coast, from which it takes its name. The stability of this piece is guaranteed by our patented through-hole system (also used in the Twigs totem), thanks to which no external elements are necessary


The design of the Lullaby chaise longue, with its wavy and relaxing shape like a sweet ‘lullaby’, certainly makes this piece unique. It is perfectly matched with a coffee table or other elements of the Wave collection.