For our company, protecting the environment has never been a fad: in fact, we have always focused on reducing the environmental impact of our products to a minimum. For example, we use water-based paints, applied by hand, as well as recycled materials.

And that's not all: our new photovoltaic system also allows us to generate three-quarters of the energy we require. At the same time, we are very attached to our territory to the extent that all our workforce and suppliers live and work locally and in North-Eastern Italy.

We have created a showroom with direct sales next to our manufacturing facility where, by appointment, visitors and customers from all over the Triveneto region, as well as neighbouring Austria and Slovenia, are welcome to view our chairs, tables and furnishing accessories first-hand, but above all personally meet with our staff.

Making use of fully recycled materials helps to protect our ecosystem. This is why we have included the Earth textile (100% GRS cotton) in our catalogue. This material is created from reclaiming by-products from the fashion industry.

Thanks to this fibre, the dyeing process has zero impact on the environment, because it is performed without the use of chemical products. These solutions promote the circular economy and will safeguard future generations.
We are very attached to our territory and are committed to always respecting the environment. Natisa products, upon request, can be sold FSC® (FSC C109244) or PEFC (PEFC/ 18-31-365) certified; this means that the wood used for their manufacture has been sourced from certified forests that are managed according to environmental, social and economic standards. In addition, our water-based paints reduce household pollution caused by volatile toxic substances that are harmful to both people and the environment. Every product is subject to quality tests imposed by quality control agencies that certify the safety, strength and durability of wood and metal furniture.
FSC® Certificate
PEFC Certificate